Evelyn’s Personal Testimony


The continuing saga: of Evelyn Nuckolls. February 20, 2011

Here it is a year has passed since the PET SCAN that stated “all the previously identified metastatic areas have completely resolved”. Now I have been asked to answer the question, “What part did Exfuze Seven Pro play in this testimony?” Let me review some facts and I will get to the answer to that question.

I put this time line here to help the reader understand the progression of things. A week before I saw Dr. Patrick Williams on July 21, 2009 I sneezed and fractured a rib on my right side. This is referenced in my testimony. I knew at this time what my diagnosis was as I have been an oncology nurse for many years. I have cared for patients with bone cancer. Although you do not want to believe it, but facts are facts and I went into the meeting with Dr. Patrick Williams with full knowledge of what he would say. The rest is history, but let me share how I dealt with it.

As I have stated many times, God had spoken to me and said that I would not have to receive Chemotherapy or radiation. How did He do this? I just knew in my heart. I heard Him clearly. Dr. Williams has me taking Femara which is a hormone blocking agent…but no chemo or radiation. (How awesome).

I had heard as well as my brother called to tell me about what great results to combat cancer came from taking Asparagus juice/and or the product itself. So I began to blend up canned Asparagus and made a drink. This has been noted to lower Cancer markers significantly by drinking 4oz twice daily. It was not a bad drink but took time to prepare. I continued to drink this faithfully. One day near the holidays, an old friend from church, who had moved away to Ada, OK called me and said, “I have this product, called Exfuze that I want you to try”. He told me that it had made a difference in the health of many folks. He said it was a nutrition supplement and he wanted me to try it.

I cannot remember the specific date that I began to take the Exfuze Seven Proformance, but it was around Christmas of 2009. So here I was, I was taking the Asparagus Juice that I prepared as well as this Exfuze product, (that I knew nothing about) but my friend wanted me to try it.  I consumed the entire bottle as directed. Went back for my PET scan on February 16, 2010 and the results were astounding. I have since stopped the Asparagus juice and continued taking the Exfuze Seven Proformance. I firmly believe in this product and the affect that it has on the body. I did not understand how this product worked, when I began to take it. I was simply following the lead of my friend. I since have learned that in studies by Dr. Brigham Booth, his research reveals that 80% or more of the abnormal cells actually died in the presence of the ingredients in this product. Secondary to the antioxidant activity of the product, the damaging free radicals are neutralized. The end result is simply that the product helps to defend, repair, regulate and maintain health. Isn’t this interesting!

The question would arise at this point, was it my faith, was it the Asparagus or was it the Exfuze Seven Proformance? I will answer this way. My faith in an integral part of my life…It is my life. Without faith in my Creator, I would not be here for many reasons even apart from the cancer. Can God heal without using products such as this? ABSOLUTELY! I can give testimony to that at another time. I know what He can do. Think on this…God placed many herbs and such in the Garden with Adam to tend and nurture. Why? For us! Da! The Asparagus juice was awesome and I believe it has its place. But, when I did research on the seven major botanicals that are in the Seven Proformance and the additional added ingredients WOW!!!! I was able to access what the Asparagus had plus much more.

I am not here to convince anyone of anything. I am only here to state what it did for me and what it is doing. I have never felt like I had cancer so I cannot complain of much. The evidence is in the reports that I have filed in my drawer. I have not had the pain associated with bone cancer since the rib fracture. I have not had the headaches associated with metastasis to the brain. I have had no complaints of dizziness. I have had normal aches associated with aging and ‘working’ full time. It was rumored back in July 2009 by an emergency room doctor that the person with this report has a very limited time to live. I am here to say it is February 2011 and I am still here.

I take the Exfuze Seven Proformance every morning and plan to continue to do so. I plan to share my testimony with anyone who will listen to me. I plan to share Exfuze Seven Proformance and all the other products that this company is bringing into the market. They are ALL natural and very nutritious. I have found that everyone is different and the product helps each person in a slightly different way. That is simply because our body needs are different. What the product does is restore the body to a “restore” point …thus allowing the body to correct itself.  Isn’t that the way it was designed?
Check out the site for the scientific reports and other testimonies. They are phenomenal.

This is simply my story.

You can read Evelyn’s full testimony HERE.


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