I sit here and try to think of how to relate to my team what is important about building your business.

Interestingly enough I listened to the message brought on Sunday by my pastor.  It was as a light was turned on.  Our business is a choice.  As with anything, we get out what we put into it.  We cannot have a business that we open the doors randomly when we feel like it.  For our business to be productive we must put something into it.  It must be our passion; our energies must be carefully directed toward success.  What is success?  Success is not simply the end result but the process of getting there.

I was pondering on how to present this to my team.  I began to think of the ABC’s of success.  Let me share it this way.  We must have a strategic plan to market our product.  This is very easy when one believes in the product.   When the decision is made that you believe in something, you will then have the passion you need to fuel your business.


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  1. Carol Swan says:

    Evelyn, I too am a nurse…with 40yrs of work under my belt. Would be interested in learning more about the Exfuse juice. Do you have any christian contacts in the business in NZ. Many tx, Carol

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