The Grace Card

As I begin this blog this week, I think about all the teaching materials that Exfuze provides for us within our back office on our replicated website.  This company is sooooo awesome that it wants you to succeed.  With our individual success, we have helped each other form a network that can reach thousands of people.  We have a product that will change lives and help to reduce medical expenses as well as those synthetic medicines that we put into our bodies.   We have available to us print materials in our back office.  We have available to us conference calls each week that has Dr Joe Guarnera who educates us on the scientific value of Exfuze products.  We have available to us corporate calls, training calls where we can ask questions not only about the product but how to market it.  I offer my time and home to meetings in the city of Louisville, KY.  I become very frustrated because I believe that we as a whole do not access as much of these opportunities as we could.  Networking is so important in order to learn, but most of all to receive encouragement from one another.  We each have great potential locked inside of ourselves.  We have a tendency to remain self-sufficient and loners.  We MUST allow this potential to get ‘outside’ and work in our favor.  If you want your business to go beyond your front door, get together with your sponsor and other distributors.  Connect with the conference calls and the corporate team.  All are willing to be a resource for your growth.
        We have the right product, and Exfuze is the right company, and this is the right time!!!!!!

I went to see the new movie called “The Grace Card”.  “As awesome movie” What did I learn from this movie?  Sometimes we are placed into situations or into a relationship for a purpose.  I could venture to say that as a Christian it is ALWAYS with purpose.  We generally grumble and say, “Why God did you place me here with so and so?”  Watching this movie I learned that God does not always bring people into your life, but He brings you into their life.  Why?  As I blogged in my other site ( we are a light in a world of darkness.  He brings us into some situations because we have something to offer or something to give.

 We as Exfuze Independent Distributors have something to give our society, our friends and our neighbors.  It is our responsibility to do this.  We MUST continue to reach out.

Something else I wish to share from this movie.  The Grace Card…what does it mean.  It means 3 things:
1.  I will pray for you every day.
2.  I will forgive you.
3.  I will always be your friend.

You ask, “How does this fit into this blog?”  Well I am not sure, but I do know that it does.  I know that I have at least 31 distributors working on my team, if not only in name.  It is by the Grace of God that I have been given the privilege to survive cancer and become a distributor of the Seven Products.  I want to be a great leader and help to unlock the potential of each one of those whom I consider my friends and colleagues.  I will commit this Grace Card to each of you as we continue to walk into success.  Let me serve you and help you grow your business.   Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)




Some things I cannot do but there are many things that I can do. I can teach and I can lead toward a common goal to help you unlock your potential

Let me help you to become the best that you can be.  Anything is possible when you put action to your dreams.





Till next week…..  (Heb 11:6 NKJV) “So be encouraged this morning and do not give up when things get tough but rather stand on your faith in God. Have faith in God and know that the impossible will happen in your life, if only you would believe. God will reward you for your faithfulness to Him. He is the great benefactor.”


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